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We are a Colorado based photography company specializing in high end, full copyright release digital photography. Our work is known for its crisp images, vibrant colors, and elegant
poses. We have studios located in Denver and Broomfield. Our main focus is weddings, but we also specialize in corporate, high school senior, and modeling photography. Our state of the art studio enables us to edit photos to perfection in a timely manor. 

On your wedding day we will capture every emotion in high resolution digital photographs to inspire and fulfill your imagination for years to come. With a personal touch and unique expression we will capture your  wedding day so it will remain timeless in your thoughts and photo album when you look back on that special day forever. All weddings receive a photographer with two sets of backup equipment, minimizing the risk of mechanical failure and allowing multiple angles to be taken during simultaneous live action moments. You can add a second photographer to any event. Please check out our packages page to select the right one for you. 

To view a full wedding start to finish please visit our photography site at: http://crtphotography.com

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