We use full HD camera's and Avid Media composer to edit. You receive all raw footage, plus an edited highlight reel or after watching the raw footage we can sit down together and map out what sections you want to keep and remove for the final product.  Video's are full copy right release so you can duplicate and share.
The video camera we use is a Sony pmw-100 for Full HD video. Also go pro 4k for drone areal shots from above, and Nikon D750 for moving shots during the ceremony. We also collect audio from patching directly into the DJ sound system, and directly mic'ing the officiant so there is less chance of missing any important audio. Everything is fully edited to your specifications from the raw footage.

Aerial footage of ceremony and venue are extra

Youtube lowers the quality of our videos please visit the link below to see a HD clip or schedule a free consultation.

Here is a link to a short HD video: http://crtimaging.zenfolio.com/medina2016/e7ad4dfa9